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Wedding season has arrived, Our shop can become busy very quickly.
 If we are busy when you arrive, we ask for your patience.  Thank You.


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~ Bridal Gowns from $249
~ Purchase any gown off the rack
~ Payment Plans Available
~ No Special Order Fees
~ No Appointments - Walk-In ONLY - Can bring up to 4 friends and no children please!
~ Discounts on Bridesmaid dresses (even if you didn't buy your bridal gown from us)

Buy off the rack and quick deliveries are available!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  You are getting married.  I am sooo excited for you.
 This year, 2015, I have been in business for 14 years!
I can offer you bridal knowledge and expert advice
when it comes to your bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, mothers dresses, and your actual wedding. 

When you arrive at The Bridal Station & Wedding Chapel for the first time I will ask you the below questions.
Why? You Ask, because The Bridal Station is not a department store.
You get personal attention t
o make a better decision to get you into your
dream bridal gown ~ bridesmaid dress ~ mothers dress.
So here is where we will start:

Please bring a picture portfolio of wedding gowns / bridesmaid dresses / mothers dresses
you like or have tried on at other shops

1.  When is the wedding date?
(We do require that you have a wedding date secured within 12 months to try on bridal gowns.)
2.  How many guests are coming?
3.  Where will the wedding be held?
4.  What time of day will your wedding begin?
5.  Are the men going to be in tuxedos or suits?
6.  What color wedding gown is your preference.... White or Ivory or Color?
7.  Is there a certain religion that requires a certain type of wedding gown?
8.  Is there a theme? ....for example - Western, Vintage or Formal.
9.  We will review the Inventory page, stay in your price budget, choose your favorite's, try on your dream bridal gown.  EASY!

10.  Is The Bridal Station going to be your first bridal shop visit? 
If Yes...
Click on the inventory page,
Choose 4 different styles,
3) Bring in your list,
Let's try them on and choose your favorite,
5) Order your size and color choice or Buy your favorite off the rack.


If you already own your gown... Fantastic!  I would love to help you with all your needed accessories.
PLEASE BRING YOUR GOWN in and let's match the veil, tiara, and jewelry.
~ Gown and shoes are required for petticoat rental fittings.
~ Gown is required for veil rentals.
Without a gown, it is very hard to match color and style.
See you Soon

Please DO NOT purchase your wedding gown over the internet.  Use the internet as an online catalog of choices.
If the bridal gown price online is "too good to be true" probably is a COPY of the original.
It is NOT from the original designer.  Hence the INCREDIBLE PRICE REDUCTION.
If you have to give them all of your measurements is a very big clue of a counterfeit company.
The counterfeit companies have STOLEN the pictures off of the internet and are making them from the picture.  
They DO NOT have the original pattern.  Please shop at local stores and not from the internet.  Thank You.
Click Here to see actual gowns made from a counterfeit website.


The bridal industry needs your help.  Have you already purchased a counterfeit dress?
Please complete this form to help catch those bad guys.   Thank you for helping keep us is business.

Buying a "Bargain Dress" over the internet from discount dress makers will end up costing you more!!